Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Year of Shamus, Part II

As previously discussed, we bought season passes to Sea World this year. To get the most value for our passes, we headed down on Sunday to help kick-start Spring Break. We try and do something different each time, so this time we did not actually watch the Shamu show. So our Year of Shamus, Part II is without the Shamu.

When we went in January, the fun kids section was closed down for renovation. The boys were bummed then - because the pirate ship and its 'hamster' trails were their favorite part of the place - but the fun Christmas themed parts all around made up for it.

The kids section is back up and running, although its been changed around. It is now the Sesame Street Bay of Play. I think this might be lots of fun for some of the much younger crowd.

But we've been beyond Sesame Street for some years now. Neither boy, for instance, could even remember that they both used to call the blue creature here "Cookie Monker." They just gave Carl and I puzzled, "Who are you lame people calling him Cookie 'Monker' " kind of stares. Sigh... yet another sign that my babies are no longer babies.

The other disappointing feature is that all the rides - minus the poplular Shamu Coaster - in this area are now Seasme Street themed, and the lines were out of control. I'm hoping that this is just because it was Spering Break weekend, but Team Danger wasn't having anything to do with waiting 45 minutes in line to ride the Seasme Street-safe ferris wheel. There is now a carousel, and fortunately, the lines weren't too long.

The habit trails are still there, but none of them lead to the Sesame Street pirate ship. Yet another disappointment.

On the plus side, they have expanded the kids splash pad and made it about 4x larger, so even on the most crowded days, the kids can have fun and cool off. Even when Mom and Dad don't bring bathing suits (hey, the forecast was NOT for swimsuit weather, what can I say?).

Oddly, the line for Ryan's favorite ride - Atlantis - was only about 20 minutes. Alex didn't want to ride it this time, so it was just Ryan and I who braved the waters.

Ryan has become obsessed with the penguin exhibit, as well as the gift shop inside the penguin encounter which sells around two dozen different stuffed penguins. When I had explained to them before the trip that we would not be purchasing a "prize" (as they call it) with every trip to Sea World this year and that this was one of those no-prize trips, they asked if they could bring their piggy bank money. I said yes, so of course Ryan picked out his latest stuffed penguin, Waddles. He'll be the first to tell you that he can swim fast, but when he runs, he's usually last.

Or so says the Beanie Boo's price tag. ;)

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