Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Update

What a busy weekend!

It started Friday morning with Ryan's Cowboy Parade at preschool. His class was on their way to their LEGO Robotics field trip (!!!) so they didn't really dress up like cowboys and cowgirls for the parade. I'd sent him with his hat, boots, and a shirt, but they ended up all wearing some paper hats they made and their field trip shirts. So glad I spent all that time tracking down our cowboy paraphanellia.

Friday evening, we went to the Austin Rodeo. We went last year on a Friday evening, and we were awestruck at the difference in crowd levels than on a Saturday or Sunday. We'll never go on a weekend day ever again!

The highlight of the rodeo was this secured bungee jumping platform - something that cost us $7 per boy and was NOT included with our $29 wristband.

Ryan was in seventh heaven! He is quickly turning into the most fearless member of Team Danger.

Saturday morning started bright and early with Alex and Aresenal taking on Dortmand. They won, 2-0, with Alex scoring the second goal. It was a fantastic game! The boys are really getting passing, and at one point, they passed the ball three times in a row to all of the team to get a clear kick. I love that they are starting to analyze their plays on the fly!

While Arsneal played, their brothers went searching for roly-polys. My Ryan, Big Ryan Wes, Patrick, Layton, and crew collected a disturbing amount of polys.

And they all came home in my car!

Next up we had the "Welcome to Kindergarten" playdate at Spicewood. Ryan had a chance to play with the other kids who will be starting in the fall, and found yet another friend he'll know. All in all, after counting I realized he'll know over 26 boys and girls who will be in his grade level. That's a far cry form the 2 girls Alex knew ahead of time. With these odds, he'll definitely know someone in his class next year, so hopefully the transition will go well. So with things going so perfect, RRISD is bound to make good on their threat to make kindergarten only half-day in the fall and force me to find a private kindergarten instead. Its my greatest fear right now. I'll take ANY other budget cuts over this one, but its their biggest cost reduction, and I'm so afraid its going to occur. Argh....

After the big play date (and gossiping over which teachers got the ax the day before), it was back to the soccer fields for the Town and Country Spring Fling.

And then it was Ryan and Chelsea's turn to play, against Boston. Ryan had a great game, and I couldn't help but be secretly pleased when a friend told us that they were terrified to play against Chelsea because they are such a great team. Boston is the best team we have played against, and it was much more exciting and fun because Carl (as their coach) didn't have to hold them back from scoring too much they way he usually does.

I even got a little snippet of Ryan making a goal on video, although the quality isn't that great.

It was hot on Saturday.

Extremely hot.

So after our day spent outside, we went back home and officially opened up the pool.

Then it was off to the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. Ryan competed in the Siblings races, and his car, Blue Jet, placed second (of seven sibling racers). It was actually a lot of fun for him because they use the Sibling Races to test the tracks, so he raced about ten times. It was not so fun for him, though, when second place didn't get a ribbon like first place.

Carl will likely blog all about the Derby some more - he's been owning the creation of their cars. But we are just so very, very proud of Alex, and his 6th place finish of all the Derby racers, that I have to mention it now.

On Sunday, we had the baby shower for Elaine's new baby.

And on Monday, Carl and I got to go back to work so we could relax. ;)

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