Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chelsea and Arsenal, Round 2

Spring soccer is officially underway, and both Alex and Ryan had fantastic games on Sunday.

 Ryan's was first, and his Chelsea team welcomes three new players: Patrick, the younger brother of Liam, a classmate of Alex's who also joined his soccer team, as well as two girls, Sarah and Lara. Returning were Drew and Andres.

Ryan scored several goals, although it was bittersweet for him to have his team beat the opposing team so badly, since they were coached by his basketball coach, Coach Peter.

Cousin Connor and Aunt Elaine came to watch them play, and he had a great time with "Ackis" and "Ry-Ry."

Next up was Alex. He welcomed back to the team Carson (who had taken fall off from soccer to play football), as well as three new boys, all from Alex's class: Liam, Rowan and Caleb (Caleb is also in his Scouts den and on our swim team).

Both boys teams did great. Everyone wins at this age, but *if* one were keeping score, Alex's team won 3-2 and Ryan's team won 18-3 (and that was with Carl holding back the kids several times). Alex's victory was also a bit bittersweet, though, because we were playing against a mostly Spicewood team that included two of his basketball teammates, Carlos and Nate.

Here's to a great spring season!

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