Friday, March 11, 2011

Kindergarten Roundup

Yesterday was the Kindergarten Roundup, and we registered Ryan for kindergarten next fall.

He was so excited! He's just been dying to go to Spicewood ever since Alex started last year, and the fact that he was going there today with Carl and I for him - and not Alex - made him feel extra special.

I filled out all the paperwork while Ryan and Carl toured the kindergarten rooms.

He also drew a picture of himself. In blue, his favorite color, and the little person next to Ryan is his Mimi.

Mimi didn't get to go to Kindergarten Roundup with us, but I won't be surprised if Ryan finds a way to sneak him into his backpack next year.

We saw several people we know, and I did the math and realized we know close to two dozen boys and girls who will be starting kindergarten in the fall. With those odds, Ryan is bound to have at least one or two friends in his class. Its a far cry from where we were two years ago with Alex, when all we knew were two girls from his preschool. He's happy, and a happy Ryan almost always equals a happy Mommy and Daddy.

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