Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Catch Up: UT Soccer's Halftime Show

Awhile back (when I was reallllly busy), Alex's soccer team was given a special opportunity: they were invited to meet the UT Soccer team, go into their locker room, and scrimmage with another local team on the field during half-time.

We were all very excited, Carl and Alex especially. This is the 10th season Carl has coached this team, and we're very proud of how much these boys have grown during that time. Some players have come and gone, but the coaches and our main players have stayed the same. And we've grown - when they first started playing at age four, they played 3 v. 3. Now, they are 5 v. 5 (plus a goalie, but for some reason they don't call it 6 v. 6). Its been a joy watching everyone grow and become truly amazing soccer players, if I don't say so myself. ;) Being honored by UT was the icing on the cake, and yes, I know, they invite two teams each game,  but still... there are an awfully large number of soccer teams for youth out there in Austin, and we were one of the few getting recognized, so I'm going to relish their moment in the spotlight.

The parents didn't get to go back with the kids to meet the players and the coaches for UT, but the coaches did.

So Carl was able to snap some shots for us. :)

We were given special seats, directly behind the goals.

For the first half, we were behind UT's goal so it was great being truly up close when they scored.

The boys had such a blast watching the game, and hanging out together, that their game play at half-time was almost superfluous.

Almost. ;)

We weren't given the whole field to play on - we had the horizontal length of the field, as opposed to the vertical. So they were all bunched up. VERY bunched up.

Also ... this was the evening that UT had closed for the day for a bomb scare, and we weren't sure what to make of the bomb squad truck and SWAT team trucks when we first drove up that night. Turns out it was coincidentally "Heroes" night, but there's a part of me who thinks that was just the story they made up to not freak us out. Alex and Ryan LOVED meeting these guys.

Talk about Danger Heaven!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tigers, Poppies and Bobcats

Ryan's Tiger year with Cub Scouts has been busy.

Back on Veteran's Day, we met up for a World War II re-enactment at Camp Mabry.

I know that Veteran's Day in the US is now inclusive of all veterans from wars, but I still was a bit troubled they couldn't have put on a World War I re-enactment.

I suppose its because they didn't use tanks much in World War I, and trench warfare isn't as glamorous to watch.

But still... we celebrate "Veteran's" Day on November 11 the same day that the rest of the world celebrates Remembrance Day. Its a day picked to honor those who died in World War I, and November 11 was picked by Woodrow Wilson to be Armistice Day because its the day World War I ended (the armistice  was signed at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, and its a big thing for a history buff like myself). Its supposed to be a day memorializing peace and ending of  the war to end all wars. Forty years later, during Eisenhower's term, Armistice Day was renamed as Veteran's Day, now officially celebrating all Veterans.

Which was and is a nice thing to do. But every time I see pictures of the English wearing their red poppies on November 11, I can't help but be a bit saddened that we've lost the original spirit of the day.

Regardless of my own personal feelings, the boys had a great time. 

Ryan also completed his Bobcat achievements, and we recently had his Bobcat ceremony.

All the boys and their "akaleas" (adult scouting partner) get made up as Bobcats at the ceremony.

He could not have been more excited and proud of himself, and it was such a joy to see.

We were all very proud of Ryan on his special day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thankful for Family

Wow, I'm behind. Let's just blame it on the death of my home computer, and the arduous process of recovering stored photos, and leave it at that.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Houston. It was nice having a big crowd together to spend time with BeBe.

The boys loved seeing little Graham again.

And of course little Caroline.

And they loved meeting Bobby's new future step-children.

Alex in particularly bonded with Jordan. ;)

 This was how they spent much of the weekend.

All in all, we had five boys aged 2-14, and one six month little girl.

Caroline is just as cute as she was when we last saw her, and its so much fun to have a little baby around.

The day after Thanksgiving, Mom wanted some fresh air, so we headed to Galveston for lunch.

And of course, beach time.

 We hadn't brought bathing suits, but did that stop my boys?

Or Graham?

Oh no...

Callie came along for the beach, and she had a blast.

 BeBe wasn't feeling well for a lot of the visit, but we've now changed her morphine doses, and it looks like this might help manage her pain a bit more. They've also hired more round-the-clock care coming in to help with the evenings, and while she was at first resistant to that idea, she seems to be sleeping better knowing they check on her regularly (as opposed to waiting for Cheryl or Mom to hear her wring her bell).

Since Thanksgiving, we've (read: I've) been busy decorating the house for the holidays. My brother is, theoretically, in Austin for business for the better part of ten days, but he is working so much that we just see him for a few hours here and there.

Still, its nice to have him local, for lightsaber fighting and art lessons, and the boys are thrilled with all their new Uncle Beau originals.


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