Friday, March 4, 2011


Our AlexGator had a fantastic basketball season with the Gators.

His last game was last Saturday, and we celebrated with an end of season pizza party at the park.

 Its been a lot of fun to watch him grow as a basketball player over the past three years.

  (Alex is number 9, about to make a basket)

I just love the way he protects himself from his guard, dribbling the ball with one hand, and holding his other arm up to block his guard. He looks just like a real basketball player these days! He's definitely come a long way since he was playing with the Y.We've been very happy playing with Town and Country for him - its so worth the extra money over the Y's league. And its been great to be on a team of all Spicewood boys. We knew five of the nine boys before we started, and the other four have all quickly become good friends.


Tomorrow will conclude the end of Ryan's first season playing basketball.  Not to mention Sunday we have two soccer games! Let the fun begin....

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