Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meeting his Idol at age 8

As I get back into blogging right ahead of Ryan's ninth birthday, I found this post in my draft folder that I never actually posted. So...

Ryan pretty much had the best week ever this summer when he spent a week at the San Antonio Spurs summer camp. We lucked into a spot during Tony Parker's week - he's Ryan's favorite player, BY FAR, and he spent all summer long waiting for this week to come.

When we signed him up for the Spurs Camp week featuring Tony Parker, I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, Tony is one guy, and the camp sold out of its spots within a few hours of being open for registration, so I figured there would be a lot of kids, and possibly not much interaction with Tony himself.

I was right about the lot of kids estimate.

But happily, there was a LOT of Tony to come during the week! He showed up three of the five days, and spent a LOT of time with the kids. Here is Ryan getting his jersey signed by Tony, and, as Ryan put it, "getting touched by Tony Parker."

He even got to PLAY BASKETBALL with TONY PARKER, and Ryan pretty much felt like he had died and gone to heaven. And I know, Tony was taking it easy on him, but Ryan scored while playing against Tony.

Ryan came home with a signed jersey, a picture with the 2014 NBA Championship Trophy, and a lifetime of memories of the greatest week of his life.

Not bad for an eight year old. ;)

I'm very thankful my mom and aunt were able to make Ryan's dreams come true with this camp - Ryan spent the week with Mom at my aunt's house in San Antonio so that he could attend the camp during the day. Love my village helping raise these boys!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dressing up for the wedding

Since its so rare to have the boys dressed up so nicely, we took some quick photos of them in their wedding clothes. The picked out their own clothes themselves. Alex also wanted a jacket to wear, but I had heard that none of the other boy cousins were wearing jackets, and talked him down to just the tie. My little formal kid!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Auntie Cher-O's Wedding Weekend

My aunt was also married in October. She recently reconnected with an old high school friend, and they quickly fell in love.

Rehearsal dinner at the house of the groom's niece.

And then the wedding day.


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