Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go Glee!

Its no secret that I am a big time Gleek. It combines everything I love the most in the world: cutting-edge politics, sarcastic humor, romance, and showtunes.

Kurt is by far my favorite character, and for much of the season, he's been an inspiration for every person who was ever bullied in life. He stood up to his own bully, and when the school system let him down and couldn't provide him with the support he needed, he transferred to an all male academy where he has found acceptance, and more importantly for the storyline, his first love, with Blaine, the lead singer of Dalton's glee club, the Warblers.

Blaine has become an equally impressive character, someone both boys, girls, men, and women alike can all crush on. He first charmed his way into my (and Kurt's) heart singing 'Teenage Dream.'

With this week's episode, we finally got the moment we've all been waiting for, and wow, was it a kiss worth waiting for. This may go up there in my list of Great Kisses, its that good. Kudos to the writers, producers, director, and actors for handling what is so important - and I think rather revolutionary for public television (and for a show on Fox, nonetheless) - in such a superb manner. There may have been other same sex kisses on television before, but I've never seen any handled in such a romantic way. They are usually pretty chaste, like one might give their parents or sibling. Not the Big Kiss.

But with Glee, they got it right.

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