Friday, February 27, 2015

Christmas Village

So its a bit late. But here is how our village assembly crew (Ryan, my mom, and myself) set up my inheritance snow village this year.

Downtown was over here.

The suburbs and countryside were over here.

And the ski resort was over on this mountainside.

And underneath my Travel Tree, we placed the train and train station.

(ignore the boxes and bags - I didn't think to take pictures until we were right about to pack it up)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Alex's Stonehenge

Alex had to create a diorama for school on a "phenomena." This Anglophile Mama was pretty stoked when he picked Stonehenge to research and recreate.

After much familial debate, he decided to make his model of Stonehenge when it was completed, rather than how it looks now.

Carl helped him cut and saw the wood to make a lot of little pieces.

I was in charge of finding our grass and paint color for the stones.

I also gave myself the job of finding some small sheep to include.

Stonehenge needs sheep, as my photo from 2012 demonstrates.

Unlike the Science Fair project (which I loathe), this was one homework assignment I can get on board with. Especially when it involves me thinking of England.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lost Maples State Park

On our way home from Concan after Thanksgiving, we took a long route home and went to Lost Maples State Park.

I don't believe I had ever been there before, which is a shame, because it was SPECTACULAR. The only thing that made me sad about our visit was that we were probably about a week past the leaves prime time, so I've made a note to monitor it more carefully in future years and try and time it better.

Take a look at the beauty we saw.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thanksgiving in Concan

We spent Thanksgiving once again with my family in Concan. I didn't take many pictures of the weekend's activities, per se, but I did drag the boys out to the river while we were dressed up for Turkey Day for a few pictures.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jack on the Shelf

This is only my third year with Jack in the family, but I am already kind of done with it.

Thank goodness Carl really stepped it up this year, because by Night 2, I had forgotten Jack.

And that happened many times throughout the month of December.

Some days were easy, like when I found these ornaments at Hallmark by chance, and the idea fell into my lap.

Oh, and those of you who start the Elf with thanksgiving - ya'll are cray-cray, because why, WHY do that to yourself? Its bad enough coming up with 24 days starting on December 1.

Anyways... see if you can figure out which days were planned by Danger Daddy versus Safety Mommy.

If you guessed Carl for this night... give yourself an apple.

Whereas my nights...

Were a bit lower-key.


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