Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue and Gold

The Cub Scouts had their annual Blue and Gold banquet, when Alex officially graduated to a Tiger Cub, all all the Scouts move up to the next level.

The evening had a western theme, so the den had taken pictures of the boys dressed up and turned them into place mats for their dinner. The place mats came out so cute! I just love this one of Alex.

The boys were encouraged to wear western clothes, although since we had to wear the Scouts shirt and scarf, there wasn't a whole lot of options for us. I settled with the Woody cowboy hat.

Much to Carl's dismay, each den had to put on a skit, and the three dens of 1st grade boys all got together and sang a song together.

After all the skits, it was then time to call up each den to graduate to the next level, and to receive their new patches.

Siblings not in Scouts were not invited  (due to space) so we knew we had to do something extra special for Ryan.  So we arranged for Ms. Lindsay, his most favorite teacher in the whole world, to come over. I hesitate to use the word "babysit," because as far as Ryan is concerned, this was the best play date ever. He was in absolute heaven.

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