Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ryan the Raptor

Ryan had his last basketball game with the Raptors on Saturday.  He played a great game, and even scored two baskets!


This was one of his shots when he missed the basket. Somehow, the ones where he actually made it in, I was too busy watching the actual game to shoot correctly. ;)

And this picture I love because it exemplifies how fun it is to watch the 4-6 year old kids play basketball. As soon as a shot is made, all they can think about it getting their hands on the possible rebound. And they all crowd together.

Ryan excelled at guarding this season. He would guard constantly, even when his own team was on offense. Clearly, his position should be defense when it comes to basketball.

We had a small celebration afterwards,and Coach Peter handed out their medals and certificates. Ryan was thrilled!

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