Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trevor Swanson, Spy Academy Graduate

Alex spent Spring Break at Mad Science's "Spy Camp." It was a huge hit, and far more successful than last year's Mad Science camp. The presence of his friends Will and Andy at camp helped. :)

He had a fantastic time. Between investigating fingerprints, handwriting, and shoeprints to reveal the identity of suspects, to using  metal detectors, spy ears, and motion sensors, and using secret codes to pass along important information, Alex was in seventh heaven.

Or should I say, Trevor Swanson was in seventh heaven. 

They had to all come up with a spy name, and learn different codes, like the dancing men code, Braille, and morse code so that they could share classified information with each other. One of his favorite parts was that they had to practice eating their messages so that it wouldn't get into the wrong hands.

And he loved the plastic gloves he brought home with him, that they had used to dig through "trash" searching for clues. I'm just hoping that they weren't really searching through trash, because he lived in those gloves for a few nights.

All in all, Spy Camp was a HUGE hit, and I'd recommend it to other parents 100%.

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