Friday, October 8, 2010

Something for Everyone

On Sunday, Team Danger went off in all sorts of directions, and everyone had a great time.

Ryan joined Aunt Elaine, Uncle Drew, cousin Connor, Grandma and Papa ChooChoo (Connnor's name for Al) for a Day Out with Thomas in Burnet, Texas. He had the chance to play the Big Cousin and look after little Connor, including making sure he didn't get anywhere near the open window on the train.

Carl and Alex went to a Yard Battles  birthday party for a classmate of Alex's. Apparently you get your very own army sergeant, and they play all sorts of army games, with slingshots and water guns.

And I was pleased to see that other parents dressed their kids in camo clothes, too.


Alex thought this was pretty much the best birthday party ever, and declared he was doing this next year.

And he had so much fun that he almost forgot that he had wanted an army themed birthday party this year before I talked him into superheroes because I thought my little seven year old wasn't quite old enough for an army themed party.


Meanwhile, I joined Felicia, Barb, Mollie, Lee Ann, Leah and John in Gruene, Texas for afternoon tea at the River House Tea Room, in celebration of Elizabeth Gaskell's 200th birthday.

Next to Jane Austen, she is my favorite author, and if you haven't read North and South or Wives and Daughters or the Cranford Chronicles or Mary Barton, or seen any of the BBC adaptations of the books, run, don't walk to the library and/or Netflix.

The Elizabeth Gaskell Collection (Wives and Daughters / Cranford / North and South)   North and South Wives and Daughters (Oxford World's Classics)  Mary Barton

The character of John Thornton in North and South is right up there, neck and neck with Mr. Darcy and Edward Cullen in my book, and we have Elizabeth Gaskell to thank for creating my most realistic fantasy man.

So here's to you, Mrs. Gaskell.

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  1. Ooohh!! A recommendation like that coming from you is impressive. I've just recently been reading Jane Austen (I'm a little embarassed to admit that). But I love them. I actually hear the characters speaking in British accents in my head. Is that weird? I only have Persuasion left to read. I'll check out North and South ASAP!! And the army party looks awesome!



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