Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pulling Teeth

For the first time this year, I had Alex write his own thank-you notes for his birthday presents.

Last year I made him at least write "Alex" at the end of each note I wrote out. But we've been receiving a lot of these fill-in-the-blank thank yous from other kids his age recently, so we tried it out, too.

It took FOREVER to get him to finish them, but he finally did. He balked at writing some of the longer names. Thus, "Uncle Beau, Auntie Robyn, Laurel and Audrey" became simply "Laurel + Audrey." And the various gifts were simply abbreviated to "Star Wars Toys."

Still... I'd call it a success.

My favorite part, though, is that every time he would have to write out "Star Wars" (and he did a lot, since that's what most first grade boys give each other), he made a point to connect the "S" and the "T" at the top, just like it does in the Star Wars Logo.

Now that's attention to detail!

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