Monday, October 4, 2010


OK, I totally lied, I'm going to talk about soccer! The games this weekend were great. My U5 team played a decent team, but still dominated... but I think it was under 10, so that's pretty good. They all just are little fireballs, its the only way to describe them. One of my players while coming back from scoring a goal said something like "I really like the chance to stretch my legs" ;-) I also discovered 4 year-olds like to be swung around in a circle when they score a goal.

My U7 team played a good team, but not up to their usual level, so we did end of winning I think 5-0... Oh, I'm sorry, I mean tying 0-0 like usual ;-)

Anyway, the best two moves of the game were two slide tackles, one from Will and one from Alex... Will's was not strictly necessary, whereas Alex's was saving a goal. Will did it a bit better than Alex.. but both were awesome. The other coach whined a bit at I think about one of them. First of all, a slide tackle is legal if it hits the ball first and comes from the front of the other kid. Even if the other player ends ass-over-tea-kettle on the ground, its legal... mostly I think. Anyway, it stopped a goal (Alex) and pleased the player (Will, not to mention his coach), so I'm OK.. I'm going to caution against them but secretly enjoy them. And I might have been a tad more sympathetic of the other coach if one of her oh-so-cool-sunglasses-wearing-player hadn't repeatedly grabbed on to, pulled, and thrown my players to the ground.. all missed by there coach and the ref, while my parents were SCREAMING about it. The "move all players to defense to give the other team a fighting chance and stop our scoring run" was over and my sympathies were off. Oh well.

And I just "thought of" a hypothetical scenario that pissed me off this past week.. I mean that might piss me off if it had happened to me. Briefly: Coach A has an overly aggressive and shall we say inappropriately rough player (player X). Coach B brings it to the commissioners attention, complete with accurate video-tape evidence. The commissioner asks Coach C to watch player X in their next game with that team. Coach C dutifully reports back and says not only was Player X very rough, but Player X's entire team is rough, even amongst just themselves, with Coach A and said parents not really helping. The commissioner then sends out a general reminder to all coaches about appropriate conduct. The *ONLY* person to write the commissioner back was.... you guessed it: Coach A. Complaining about Coach B's team ironically. Whom when the commissioner's team played, the commissioner saw no such problems on Coach B's team.

So, the commissioner is, I'm not sure what the term would be... probably irritated... if Coach A had been a bit nicer to the commissioner when his team played Coach A's team, then the commissioner might not feel so irritated, but the rough behavior is unacceptable. Anyway, that was my hypothetical scenario I thought of this past week.

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