Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art for Sale

After school on Wednesday, Alex did one of his favorite things: art. His two favorite pieces of art, done in the medium of Crayola crayons, were these two:

a hammerhead shark

and a house.

Alex was so pleased with his artwork that he made a picture frame for them. He found some wood in the garage, and went to town with a hammer and nails.

He then decided that the original Alex artwork was too nice to keep, so he decided to sell them.

Hence, the large "50 cents" (side note: how is there no 'cents' sign on the keyboard??) on each drawing.

Next, Alex put them out in the middle of the sidewalk, so that anyone walking by would have the chance to shop.

When it was time to go to soccer practice, he left them there to give neighbors more time to shop.

Alas, they were still there when we came back, so he wanted to go over to Mr. Jeff's house to see if he wanted to buy them. I persuaded him it was too late, but that we would try tomorrow.

To be continued...

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