Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well it was a big weekend for Team Danger... Alexander passed his TaeKwonDo black-belt test, we attended a Cub Scout pack meeting / swim event, and Ryan stopped drooling... well.. let me explain...

Ryan has been making remarkable progress with his terrible wound... in just 2 days he went from grunting, moaning, drooling and complete refusal to take his medicine.. to talking again, eating his weight in ice creaming, eating spaghetti-Os and Ryan-made brownies, taking his medicine without batting an eye and light-saber fighting with his brother. So he's making definite progress... and more importantly, he's feeling happier. Poor little guy ;-(

It's been one thousand four hundred and twenty-eight days and Alexander is now the proud recipient of a brand-new TaeKwonDo black belt. He started the day he turned 3... which in retrospect turned out to be a bit too young.. but at the end of the day, he worked incredibly hard, listened well to all his many instructors... and earned himself the right to call himself a black belt. He often asked me if someone was "giving" him his new belts.. and I kept telling him that NO ONE gives you a TaeKwonDo belt... you earn it and take it.. there are no gifts in TKD... you accomplish what you want to accomplish... He's a month shy of his 7th birthday and already he's done what few children ever have the opportunity, or the ability, to do. Both Annalynn and I are extremely proud and awed by our eldest son.

Here he is sparring:

And here he is helping out with Ryan's Tiger Cub TKD class.. they both had a lot of fun... you can see (R)yan, (A)lexander, (W)ilson (one of our fav instructors) and Mr. (Aherne).

And of course, here is Ryan looking proud in his very-white uniform:

Ryan is so determined to be a "Duh Boy" just like his big brother.. and he's doing a fantastic job.. in fact age-for-age he's doing a better job, since waiting a bit to start was I think very good for him.

We also had a scouting event... while Ryan convalesced at home with mommy, Alex and Tiger Leader Daddy went to a pack meeting / swim event... it started with a crazy water balloon fight

and ended with an ice swim and water testing belt-loop/pin event... Alexander with his swim-team experienced didn't even break a sweat with this:

A productive Team Danger weekend!

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