Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Breeza-Day to Danger Daddy

Monday was Carl's birthday, so we celebrated his birthday throughout the weekend.

Saturday night, we went out with the Swanson Clan to eat dinner at the Walburg Resturant in Walburg, Texas. Its a fun place, with an all you can eat German buffet that was quite reasonably placed. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, and Alex even ate six (!) pieces of Catfish, which I called fish fingers. I'm still trying to figure out how Fried Catfish made its way into a line-up of German food, though.

Carl opened his presents, including the scrapbooks the boys made for him, as well as the tickets I had bought for us to see the Jersey Boys next month. Hopefully he will be a bit happier with that present after we see the show. So far, I am being accused of buying a gift for myself masquerading as a gift for him.

Alex and Ryan wanted to give Daddy a "camo" birthday, and oddly enough, Party City stocks green camouflage paper plates, napkins and wrapping paper. They picked out an army-tank birthday cake, primarily because I think Alex wanted the Transformer tank toy that came on top of the cake.

(the quality of these photos is rotten. I am SO ready for a new camera so I can stop using my iPhone camera!!)

After dinner, we went out to the biergarten to listen to the Walburg Boys play polka-style Johnny Cash music. It was ... interesting.

On Sunday, we went to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch to drive through the safari. We had gone two summers ago, for Father's Day, and the boys still talk about how much fun it was when the "Breezas" grabbed the bag of food to feed them right out of Ryan's hand, and then managed to shake all the animal food and crumbs all over Carl's car. He's been joking ever since that he's still finding Breeza crumbs in odd spots. And Carl has been officially hating any and all Breeza items ever since. Its a running joke, and the boys love to buy him Breeza gifts as a result. (Hence, Ryan picked the Breeza scrapbook to make for Daddy this year, despite its hot pink ribbon.)

So the boys decided to "trick" Daddy with a trip to the mall on Sunday, but we really drove to the Wildlife Ranch. Carl was in on the trick, since I had to make sure we took his car rather than the Mommy van. He played along quite well.

The Breezas did not disappoint, and we even had two Breeza heads in our car at one time.

They took the bag out of the boys hand again, but instead of emptying out inside the car, the Breezas emptied it on his windshield outside.

Carl tried to grab it back, and managed to get a little Breeza nibble in the process.

So now he REALLY loves the Breezas.

In addition to Breezas, we saw ostriches, giraffes, a rhinoceros, some "hookem horns" (as Ryan calls all longhorns), some Llama Llamas who were Mad at Mama, and other animals they boys came up with their own names for. Like:

Ninja Deer

and Samurai Deer.

When the boys get older, I'm really going to miss when they stop calling things by their funny names. I don't ever want a Breeza to become a zebra again.

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  1. Soo fun! Love Walburg, although we haven't been in ages! Need to put that one on the list. And we also need to go to the wildlife ranch. I used to work at Nat. Bridge Caverns in high school! Old memories...



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