Tuesday, August 17, 2010


While Ryan has been re-cooperating this week, I've been working at home. And in typical Annalynn fashion, before I could start working, I needed to clean off my desk.And reorganize the home office. So I've dusted, disinfected, and gathered up numerous bags of items to go to Goodwill.

But I'm still left with two disturbingly large boxes of miscellaneous artwork and schoolwork created by Team Danger over the past year. I went ahead and purged the bulk of the worksheets, as well as the random daily drawings of  spaceships and Star Wars figures.

And yet, I'm not even breaking the ice on the amount of hand crafted, drawn , and painted goodies.

Alex spent two weeks in art camp this summer, and I have an entire box of items just dedicated to his creations there. That doesn't even include all the items we've already placed out on display, like the two liter bottle of magic potion, his dragon wings and tail, his shield, and his chalice.

 Here is Alex holding his magic potion, and wearing his wings.

And then there was this one ...

Trash, you might think to yourself.

Ah, but you would be wrong.

This is ... a dragon.

A dragon I was told we could not throw out.

I mean, seriously... where on earth does a parent keep this kind of thing??

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