Monday, August 2, 2010

"If you build it, they will come."

The LEGO store has opened at Barton Creek mall. Early, to boot.

While the grand opening celebration is not until this coming weekend, I received a tip that it was already open for business.

Over the grand opening weekend, they are going to build a giant Buzz Lightyear to accompany the Woody already installed. Sort of a ploy to get you to bring your children back three times over the course of the weekend, if you ask me. Clever.

So after an always fun photography session Saturday morning, we rewarded Team Danger with a trip to the LEGO store.

And they found Nirvana.

When we parked our car, Ryan handed me a notepad and pen, so that I could make notes for his "List."

The paper and pen were soon forgotten, as I was rapidly instructed to use my phone to take pictures of every item they wanted.

At one point, I was told to take a picture of  every single Star Wars LEGO.

I pointed out we already owned several of the Star Wars LEGOs.

Never mind that, I was told by Alex. "That's Ryan's LEGO." Ryan quickly caught on to his brother, and now wants the LEGOs owned by Alex, as well.

 They fell in love with the Build-your-own-minifigure display.

Although there were several tears as to why we didn't buy all two dozen minifigures they built.

I have to confess, the store is quite beautiful. And I'm in love with the big wall of miscellaneous LEGOs at the back of the store. We're missing several from certain sets, so hopefully we can replace them if I can ever get organized enough to figure out exactly which pieces we are missing.

I'll have to go back one day without the munchkins, so that I can fully look around. I was quite happy to see a large amount of the little figures for sale. Those are what the boys most like to play with, so if I can spend $5 on one guy rather than $50 on a box with three guys and a ship they don't build, this *could* end up saving us some money in the long run.

Oh, who am I kidding.

Not when the Death Star LEGO ship is for sale.

At the top of both boys' lists.

For the bargain price of $399.99.


  1. Freakin' hysterical. I'm so glad my son didn't require all things lego.

  2. Your poor pocket book!

    p.s.- I love the new look here at Team Danger. ;)

  3. Me too, Fel! I'll change it as soon as Carl says anything. But I figure it will be take him a few days to even check it out. ;)



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