Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Little Black Belt

This past Friday, August 20, Alex received his Black Belt in TaeKwonDo.

We had a bunch of family in attendance: my mom, Sandie, my aunt, Cheryl, and my grandmother, Bebe; Carl's sister Elaine, her husband Drew, and our nephew, Connor; and Carl's cousin, Staci, and her daughter, Bailey.

Because this was such a special event, I didn't take photos during the ceremony, opting instead to video the event. First up was Ryan, receiving his Tiger Cub Blue Belt. He was still a bit under the weather, but he still managed to pull through for the ceremony. Next up, Carl received his Senior Red Belt. Next stop for him is his own Black Belt. Both of these new beltings I taped perfectly.

And finally, our six year old became one of the youngest Black Belts ever at his school. They called his name, and BEEP.

My battery died.

So, no video of Alex receiving his Black Belt from Mr. Aherne.

No video of Alex receiving his Black Belt certificate.

No video of the nice speech Carl made to Alex, expressing how proud of him he was.

I'm hoping someone else ended up with some photos I might be able to use. But since Bailey was taking pictures for her mom, Elaine was busy with Connor, and my mom and Cheryl are still pretty new to digital cameras, I'm not holding my breath.

I took a few photos afterwards to try and make up for the lost ceremony memories, but ... sigh... they will live on only in our mental memories.

We celebrated at home afterwards with some cake and pizza, and then the kids (including Noel and Tati) went for a night swim before deciding to move the party indoors and entertaining us with their dancing.

That part, at least, was a stellar success.

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  1. Oh Annalynn, my eyes actually teared up when I read the part about your camera battery dying. Congratulations to all of the team danger men on their new belts!



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