Thursday, August 5, 2010

Operation Beautiful

All day today when I've used the restroom at work, I've been greeted by this post-it note affixed to the mirror.

Its sweet, and its brought a little smile to my face every time I've seen it. And since I drink a lot of water during the day, I see it a lot. ;)

So I went to the website, Operation Beautiful, and apparently its a bit of a craze that is going on all over the country. It was even featured on the Today Show this morning.

Some of the sentiments are a little too hokey for me (cough... "you have a beautiful soul" ... cough), but I'm quite attached to the drawings of a caterpillar into a butterfly with "You will ALWAYS be beautiful" written on it, as well as the one with the earth, "You deserve the world."

I've always been kind of fond of the hidden secrets of a women's restroom. I'll still go into some stalls in a women's room and find the stickers for 1-800-799-SAFE, the National Women's Domestic Violence Hotline, and think to myself, Ah.. Sarah's been here. Sarah Buel was my DV and the Law seminar professor and she helped run the DV Clinic I did in law school, and she couldn't go anywhere without a handful of stickers to place in women's rooms, since its one of the few places where a woman can find peace from her abuser.

Similarly, in the under-rated Matthew Goode movie, Chasing Liberty, (oh, okay, it also starred Mandy Moore, but really, who watches her when a cute Brit and beautiful European travel destinations are on the screen?!), there is a character named McGruff who goes around handing out stickers of the Six Million Dollar Man to place in random spots around the world. Its to make people realize that they are not alone in the world. That we are all connected.

Chasing Liberty

Which brings me back to the post-it note in the bathroom at work. We're not alone in the world. And thanks to the Internet and the magic of sites like Facebook, we're more connected to the world than ever before.

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  1. It's a very nice thought. I needed a little pick-me-up right about now!



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