Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soccer and Basketball Camps

Week Two of Summer Camps found Team Danger at the UT Soccer Camp.

After seeing this picture, and Alex's ripped socks, I made a quick Academy run to buy new socks. Red for Alex and blue for Ryan - their favorite colors, and so we've started color coding everything for them lately.
 They learned lots of new "moves," as Ryan calls them. All in all, soccer camp went well. It ended at noon each day, so we switched off working from home in the afternoons. Our favorite part of soccer camp, though, was when Alex told us on the last day that he had tested into playing with a group of older boys, and apparently he felt shy that he was "only" going into 2nd grade, so for the whole week, he told all his new soccer friends he was going into 3rd grade. Who knew we had a 3rd grader?!

Week 3 had Ryan returning to Country Home, while Alex went to Lone Star Hoops, a basketball camp for kids entering 2nd grade and up (so of course our 3rd grader was the perfect age). He went with two other boys from his basketball team, and it was held at their future high school, so I *thought* this would be a good camp for him.

Turns out I was wrong, and he HATED basketball camp. Which is an understatement. For the last two days, he was begging us to not send him. That's a pretty horrible thing, as a parent, to go through. Alex isn't the most manipulative child, so he must have really been unhappy to make these statements. I felt horrible dropping him off. Suffice it to say, this is one camp we won't ever repeat. I'm just hoping this will be the only bad camp apple in our bunch this summer.

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  1. summer soccer camps is very appreciable step towards building nation.as you got the idea of color coding for both kids i mean both teams in broad sense defines your own caliber you put it in soccer well done...!



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