Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Off to Summer Camps

While last week was the first real week of summer vacation, since we were in Padre for most of the week they didn't go to any official camp (other than "Camp Papa" on Friday with their grandpa.) So yesterday was their first real day of summer camp.

This week, Ryan is at Country Home. He's got three weeks during the summer where he will be participating in their summer camp (as opposed to his preschool program). The rest of the summer he'll be at camps with Alex. He wasn't so sure about it when I dropped him off (hence the goofy photo that was the best we could muster), but after a day of playing, field trips to the library for story time and to a swimming pool for swimming and snow cones, he felt a bit better about it.

Alex is at Cub Scout camp this week. The theme for the Scouts is "How to Train a Knight," and yesterday alone he did archery, BB gun target practice, water games, fishing (where he caught a turtle), obstacle courses, and nature lessons. He also made a flag with his camp-den, and he made a leather tiger paw necklace with his name hammered into it. Four of the boys from his den are in the camp with him, along with two other friends from his preschool that we don't see as much anymore. He was thrilled! I just hope the rest of the summer camps will be as much fun for him.

The Scouts are borrowing the facilities of the Hallmark Baptist Church, which is all of three minutes from our house, not to mention completely breathtaking. Last summer, Alex went to camp at Hyde Park Baptist Church's Quarries facility, and between these two Baptist churches, our joke that we choose the wrong religion seems to be right on target. Our Episcopalian churches are nice, but nowhere near as nice as these two! 

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