Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Budding Monets?

Carl doesn't like to receive store-bought gifts from the boys, especially for events like Father's Day. As I am not exactly the craftiest person in the world, this puts a LOT of pressure on me every June.

This year, we went off to Cafe Monet for some pottery painting. We had a blast! They each made a hand-print tile (which is what I wanted them to make, especially since their hands are getting too big for the tiles!), as well as these ceramic jets which they LOVED.


And for Grandpa, they jointly painted a fire truck piggy bank.

I'd also ordered some mugs from shutterfly.

But I think my favorite gift of all was this "card" that Ryan wrote up for Carl all on his own.

Its Ryan's favorite Knock-Knock joke, which he tells over and over again.

"Knock Knock."
"Who's There?"
"Owls Who?"
"That's right, Owl's Who."

And then he added, "You are the best Dad in the whole world. Love Ryan."

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