Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mouse Plans

Alex is getting more and more excited about our upcoming trip to Disney. I actually came downstairs one morning, and instead of the usual 'Batman' or 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' show on the tv, he was watching the Disney Trip Planning DVD.

He's also all about Captain Jack right now, and has decided he wants a Captain Jack birthday party and to be Captain Jack for Halloween. I reminded him that he had a Pirate-themed party for his 4th birthday, but since that wasn't Captain Jack, he wants to do another.

I'm torn between being bummed I don't get to plan something different, and really excited that I DON'T have to plan something different. I've already made reservations for the boys to do the "Pirates League" experience at Disney - where they get made up like pirates and join a pirate parade through the Magic Kingdom.

Ryan is still MEH about the trip. I know he's going to love it, but it does get kind of depressing that he doesn't show more interest in the planning. I guess he's still too young to realize just how cool it will be, but hopefully he will be once we get there. Or else I'm deluding myself and I'm in for a world of hurt. Probably both.

While shopping at the evil Wal-Mart, I came across this super cute Disney journal featuring the Evil Queen from Snow White (for me), these Mickey spiral notebooks for the boys, and some folders for us. I'm using mine for all my trip planning, and I'll save the boys to give to them as part of their travel package when we take off.

They also had some cute Disney t-shirts for me, for only $9 each. I figure I  won't wear these too many places but at Disney, so $9 is about what I want to spend.

We also went ahead and bought airline tickets to fly. Originally, we were going to drive. But then Jet Blue announced a sale which makes flying cheaper than driving, so who am I to force my husband into a 36 hour roundtrip car ride?

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  1. For some reason, I haven't been able to leave a comment on your blog lately. I'm hoping coming in a different way will work. I just have to say that Captain Jack is a must : )



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