Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cub Scout Knight Training: Complete

Alex's official Knight Training by the Cub Scouts ended last Friday.

He earned lots of new belt loops and beads for his wolf badge, and even some pins. The pins are much harder to earn than the belt loops and beads, and some of them, like the Archery Pin and the BB Gun Pin, can only be earned at official Scout camps. Most of his bling he won't received until the Scouts officially start back up in the Fall, but he did come home with one nifty new large patch, as well as his own "Camp Badge" which they made the first day, and they added beads to it for each activity they completed. The photo below of all the beads gives you an idea of just how busy they were in five days! The gold beads were when he got bulls-eyes in either archery or BB guns, and the silver beads were for the almost bulls-eyes. Apparently he has quite an eye on him, because he earned a lot of god and silver!

As part of Cub Scout Camp, family members are "asked" to help volunteer. Carl's parents spent Wednesday with the camp. Al did woodworking and helped make 100+ birdhouses, while Chris was the Assistant Den Leader for Alex's Den. And Carl was the Assistant Den Leader on Friday. He even managed to bring Ryan along on Friday as an honorary Scout, and he got to participate in most of the boys' activities.

Ryan was quite content to play with LEGOs during the BB guns and archery time.

Alex caught a fish, and a frog on Friday.

And this was the Flag for Alex's Den during the week. They called themselves the "Brown Boys" because their Den wore Brown Neckerchiefs (each Den had a different color).

The whole week was a lot of fun, and we are definitely going to make sure to do it again next year. Plus, both boys can 'officially' go next summer, after Ryan has joined Scouts at the end of his Kindergarten Year.

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