Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Besides telling the kids about Disney World, we spent Saturday morning at our second swim meet of the year.

It did not go well.

In fact, it went so poorly that I was doubting whether we would even continue the rest of the summer at all for much of the day.
 Ryan was disqualified from his Breaststroke and Butterfly races, and came in next to last place each time. And with Freestyle, he came in 22nd of 40. Just looking at this picture, at Ryan "diving" into the pool (he is in front) compared to how the others are diving, and you get the idea of just how out of his league he was.

And then Alex swam an amazing 25M freestyle, at his fastest time ever... during the Breaststroke heat. Cue the tears. The only ribbon either boy won was Alex's 7th place for the 50M Freestyle (out of nine boys, but hey, he got a ribbon). So I reached the decision we would just do one more meet, satisfy the minimum requirements, and call it a summer. Carl agreed, so all that was left was to tell the boys.

Who proceeded to spend several hours over the weekend reciting the Barracudas cheer, very proud of themselves for remembering it, and all about their team. And who did not want to quit swim team. So we're sticking with it for now.

We also had some of Ryan's friends over for a swim / preschool graduation party on Saturday afternoon. He had a great time, and they swam, ate popsicles and cupcakes, and played LEGOs.

And on Sunday, we did absolutely nothing.

We rested, played in the pool, played games, played in the pool some more, read, and watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" for the first time. We're starting a "Disney Family Movie Night" on Sundays during the summer, leading up to our trip, so I thought this was a good kick-off event movie. Alex has been begging and pleading to watch Captain Jack in action for years, but I hadn't recalled these films as being terribly kid-friendly. Turns out the Ghost Pirates are in a bit more of the movie than I remember, and there were a few more sexual references than I recalled, but those, at least, flew right over the boys' heads. Ryan spent most of the movie playing with their Captain Jack LEGOs when there wasn't a sword fight going on, so I don't think I've traumatized them too much. And no one has had any Ghost Pirate nightmares yet.

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