Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started at a decent 7:36 a.m. Once again, Santa left a few smaller items in the boys stockings hung outside their room, and I'm pretty confident this bought us at least an hour. Especially since most of those smaller items were mini LEGO sets which required assembly.

 Santa also left a few items in their main stockings by the chimney.

 We had a great morning, and everyone got what their hearts most desired.

Even superhero LEGOs.

 And Harry Potter robes, scarves, glasses and brooms, to go with the wands they picked up this summer at Wizarding World.

 When the morning was over, we had a great big mess, Ryan at play on the floor with his Power Ranger Samurai Megazord, Alex walking around with his Guitar Jamz, and Carl busy with .... my iPad.

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