Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crowning Touches

Our home updates continue.

We had crown molding added to our living room and one of the downstairs hallways today.

For whatever reason, when our house was built, they put crown molding in the front hallway and in the first two rooms  of the house - the dining room and the office.

It always struck me as add that they didn't extend it to the living room. Its always something I've wanted to add, but somehow we never did.

When we painted recently, we knew we were going to put up the molding, so we left the edges undone to save us the agony.

Its been driving me crazy the past month, and today, at least one little part of my life got a bit less crazed.

We're so happy with our carpenter we're planning more work for him. Carl wants to add some more built in bookshelves, and who am I stop him?!

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