Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Time Capsule

One of the joys (problems?) with kids being able to read is that Alex read in a magazine an article called "Family Traditions to Start NOW!" And since he is all about family traditions, we started a new one this year and created a New Year's Time Capsule.

Basically, the boys filled out a questionnaire about themselves listing their favorite things. We're going to pack in away with the Christmas decorations, and then New Year's Day, they will fill out a new one. Afterwards, we'll read their old ones and compare notes.

Some of their answers were expected, like Ryan's favorite color is blue, and Alex's favorite thing to do outside is play soccer. And that both boys listed carrots as their favorite vegetable, since that's about the only vegetable I can get them to voluntarily eat. But there were many surprises waiting for us. Like Ryan wants 108 children when he grows up, and Alex wants to live with us when he grows up. We were also a bit surprised to hear that Alex listed his best friend as Britten, a boy we've never heard anything about. And that Ryan listed Giles (his new BFF this year in kindergarten) and his cousins Connor and Matthew. But neither boy listed each other as their best friend. They also both wrote down they loved to race their brother. Neither Carl nor I could begin to imagine where this competitive streak comes from...

I was glad that Ryan was able to fill out all the answers himself. He needed help reading them, but he felt more than comfortable writing all his own words. They were filled with fun spellings, which I have to admit I kind of love.

Of course, after we did this I found some cuter examples online of what other people have done, so next year I hope to take this to the next level.

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