Monday, December 26, 2011

The End of theYear of Shamus

Even though I was massively under the weather, we spent December 23 at Sea World. It was the last use for our year long passes, and we just love going to Sea World at Christmas time to see how beautifully its decorated.

The weather was cold - very cold  - but it was dry. So Atlantis was out. The kids rode on all the kid themed rides, like the Shamu coaster.

And then we had several special events planned. The first was lunch with Shamu. We'd never done this before, but this year on Black Friday they had a sale so I could buy the lunch tickets at 60% off. So we did.

This was great, and we all agreed it was a very special Sea World memory. You get to go back behind the Shamu stage, eat a buffet lunch (Alex, who has been obsessed with buffets since Disney, was over the moon), and you watch the trainers train the orcas.

They come up very close to where you are, and the boys loved it. They especially loved the trainer, and asked him a LOT of questions.

We walked through the Candy Cane Forest, where Alex, much to my disgust, did his best Christmas Story impersonation.
 And we watched the Polar Express in 4-D once again. It didn't snow the way it had in years, past. Bummer.

Our other special event was that we had milk and cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

And we always love just walking around the park at Sea World. You never know who you are going to meet!



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