Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ryan Radko

So ... the beginning of December isn't starting off as well as I hoped it would.

Our Friday afternoon urine and blood test for Alex didn't have good results. In fact, the words "I would call this a significant increase in protein levels" were spoken to us.

We were sent for a round of blood tests that are more in depth than what the doctor's office can do, and told to report back on Monday. So I get three nights of not sleeping very well while we wait for Monday to come.

In the meantime, I'll get back to updating the rest of our lives. We're trying to pretend as if its Christmas as usual, and while Mom was here, she and Ryan went to town decorating the inside of our house.

Mom has been collecting the Department 56 Snow Village pieces for as long as I can remember, and she has started passing them down to us. She calls it my "inheritance."

Ryan LOVES my inheritance, so while Carl and I were busy with Alex and doctor's appointments, they set up the Village.

And decided that since the dining room is no more, there is now room for a second Christmas tree.

We call it the Santa Tree.

It has all of my Santa ornaments on it, and we put any Santa themed stuffed animals underneath it since we didn't have a tree skirt for the second tree.

Here's my main Christmas tree, in our living room.It looks nice with my wood floors. :)

Apparently, Mom had Ryan stand on a chair on top of our table to wind the garland around the light fixture for the Nutcracker ornament display.

Just call her Danger Granny.

They decorated every place imaginable inside.

Even the bathroom.

Since I have a thing for Christopher Radko ornaments, I've renamed him Ryan Radko.

My little Christmas decorator.

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