Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Comes to Town

We've been tracking Santa's progress all day across the globe thanks to NORAD - right now Santa is in Rio de Janeiro.

And yesterday, we finally had a chance for some good one on one time with Santa Claus.

As suspected, Ryan had a hard time limited his requests for Santa. But the jolly old elf said he would do his best for him, but laughed, "No promises, ho ho ho..."

 Alex limited his request to just one item: the remote controlled video spy plane. His grandparents are supposed to be giving him this tomorrow, and I'm a little afraid that he might be disappointed he has to wait until the afternoon to get it. He's expecting it to come from Santa, so we'll see how this goes.

One of the pluses of watching Santa's flight across the world, is that once Santa leaves Europe, the boys freak out he is on his way to the Americas, so they went to bed nice and early. And they instructed us to hurry on to bed, too. They know Santa won't stop by if anyone is still awake, you see. If only I didn't still have a million things to do...

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