Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Lunch Chefs

While Carl and I were finally outside decorating the house, the boys were mostly inside to avoid the cold and let Alex rest.

They would come out periodically to ask us if they could do something or eat something or watch something, and several times they asked us when it was lunch time. Apparently, they got tired of hearing "later" as an answer, because they took matters into their own hands.

Around noon, Ryan came outside and announced it was time to come inside for lunch. Carl and I came in, and the boys had not only completely set the table for us, but they had "cooked" and put plates of food and drinks at our spots.

Now, this wasn't exactly the lunch I would have prepared, but the fact that my boys had warmed up leftover pasta, sausage, "tore" up some salami and ham, poured out some shredded cheese, and added a Christmas cookie to the plate made this just about the greatest lunch I've ever been served.

The best part? Dessert was still to come, because as we were told, the cookie on our plates was part of "lunch," and should in no way be considered dessert.

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