Monday, January 10, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist

This afternoon I took the younger members of Team Danger to the dentist.

Alex always does great, but Ryan does, well, the opposite of great.

Six months ago, when we showed up, they led Ryan back to the "safe room." Its apparently soundproof, and they close the doors so that he doesn't, ahem, disturb the other children. Here he is all calm and relaxed, watching 'Toy Story 3,' while we wait for the cleaning to begin.

It only took about 30 seconds after the assistant asked him to 'open wide' so she could get rid of all the 'sugar bugs,' before he started to freak.

Then I brought out my big guns. A brand new unopened LEGO guy. I told Ryan he could hold the package, but that we wouldn't open it until he was done.

And sure enough, he held onto the LEGO guy the entire time we were there.

When it was all over, they also got to visit the treasure box, so they were both pretty thrilled that they had dentist treasures as well as Mommy treasures.

Then on the drive home, Ryan asks me if I like going to the dentist. I replied that of course I do, I love the dentist, but that my dentist isn't nearly as cool as theirs. No movies, no wiis, no xbox.

And then Ryan asked if I got toys from the dentist. I said no, since grown ups don't really play with toys the way kids do. And then, Ryan asks if I would like to go to the dentist that gives away Edward toys. Brilliant idea, I tell you.

Plus, what woman wouldn't want Edward Cullen as their dentist? After all, teeth are his specialty.

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