Saturday, January 8, 2011

Opening Day of Basketball

Both boys had their first basketball games of the season today.

Ryan and the Raptors were up first, and this was Ryan's very first basketball game. We weren't too sure how he would do, but he played great! He scored one basket, and it was the first basket of the entire game - and during the second quarter, no less.We even got a picture of it!

He was extremely pleased with himself, and he did great with the rebounds, too.

Next up was Alex and the Gators. We love his team. They are all 1st graders at Spicewood together, and we knew over half of the boys and parents before we even started.

Alex performed great. He got three baskets himself, and *if* we were allowed to keep score, the score would have been 11-4, with the Gators taking the win.

 I also learned that inside pictures, zoom lenses, and rapidly moving objects - like basketball players - do not work that well with our new camera. :( Most of the ones we took today did not come out that well, so this one of Alex practicing is the best we have.

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