Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nerf Party

We had two birthday parties to attend today.

The first was for one of Alex's classmates. It was held at Extreme Fun, and while he had fun jumping and running around, the highlight was spending more time with the boys in his class. I really need to get better at scheduling play dates for him. If only there were more free time...

The highlight, though, was attending our neighbor Noel's 10th birthday party. It was held at Pump-it-Up (coincidentally where we are having Ryan's party next month), and it had a Nerf theme. All the boys brought their own Nerf guns. They had a blast shooting at each other - well, until Ryan got shot in the eye. So he didn't join in for the group photo as he was still upset at this point.

Alex was very quiet and reserved when we first showed up. We thought it was because this was a party of ten year olds, but Carl quickly deduced it was because he was having size envy.

Nerf gun size envy.

These are the guns my kids have:

And this photo shows the size of the guns pretty much every other boy had:

 Still, the let go of their nerves pretty quickly, and were soon joining in with the fun.

And thanks to one of the other basketball moms, I received some decent shots of Alex playing yesterday.

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