Thursday, January 6, 2011

So much for the New Years Budget

Wednesday morning, we discovered water dripping down our 1st story ceiling onto all our stereo and gaming equipment.

The plumber finally made his way to our house at 4:45 pm this afternoon, and it turns out there was a microscopic leak in the pipes of our master shower, and that these little leaks had finally accumulated enough to break through the ceiling and find its way down in what is arguably the most expensive corner of our house.

It leaked in three locations, in the center of the arch, and then down either side around the arch.

The PS3 player.
The wii.
The receiver.
The Blu-Ray player.
The DVD player.
My region free DVD player.
The DVR.
The older video camera.
The digital picture frame.
All of our movies and games for the DVDs, Blu-Rays, PS3 and wii.
And the cabinetry that all this equipment rests on and in.
And the carpet.

The TV hangs up on the wall, and while the wiring to the tv got wet, the tv itself did not.

(most of the damaged stuff had already been moved before I took these photos last night)

So now the fun begins, and we get to deal with insurance, plumbers and flooring folks.

We had to turn the water off yesterday, so we've been without water since then. Its back on now, or else we were heading to a hotel for the night. But the plumber has to come back and fix the big whole in our shower before we can use it. :(

The adjustor doesn't come until Tuesday. I'm kind of hoping the carpet gets totaled out, and I can finally achieve my goal of getting Pergo floors. So with any luck, there might be a silver lining in all of this. :)

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  1. Oh, that's awful!!! I'm so sorry to hear it!! Good luck getting it all fixed!



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