Monday, January 31, 2011

My Baby is Almost Five

Tomorrow will be Ryan's 5th birthday. Not sure I'm emotionally prepared for him to be five already. Yikes!

Poor baby was sick today - he's got a sinus infection. But armed with a new bottle of antibiotics, he should be ready to go and celebrate with his classmates tomorrow. When he was born with pneumonia, the NICU doctor warned me he would be more susceptible to illnesses. That has certainly proven to be true. :( Still, he handles it pretty well, all in all. And we are doing SO much better than last year - not a single case of strep since the tonsils went out!

I finished wrapping all the presents. It looks kind of ridiculous, but only four are from Carl and I. Three are from Alex, and the rest are from either my mom, brother and Bebe. And there are two cards - one from Alex, one from us. Both hand picked by Ryan, who insisted he get a "Dystypical Me" card (he can't quite say "Despicable Me" and I rather enjoy his pronunciation. So we've renamed the movie. ;)

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