Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now I know how Edward feels

You know how in 'Twilight,' Edward craves the taste of the love of his life?

How he must fight his overwhelming desire to, ahem, eat her every second of every minute of the day?

And how *some* women reading the book *might* feel the same way about Edward?

Well, there is good news, to be found in the HEB Bakery's cake book.

That's right.

The Edward cake.

Ryan was looking through the book (as his birthday is around the corner) and believe it or not, he spotted Edward first. "Look, Mommy! Its a cake for you!"

And if this cake doesn't provide you with enough of a taste for all things Edward and Jacob, then you can always have a piece of the Eclipse chewing gum my friend Leslie gave me at work today.

I'm going to have to search for more packaging to see if there is any Edward gum out there!


  1. I love the way your kids are so on board with the whole Edward thing.

  2. Yes, that's awesome. I think my husband has poisioned my kids against Twilight. Well, Ellie's starting to get on board and I'm sure once she can actually watch the movies she'll be right there with me!! But Logan, nooooo way!! I want a big pic of just Edward though!!



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