Friday, May 13, 2011

Made with Love

All my gifts for Mommy's Day were homemade by the boys.

First, there was the huge bag of artwork Ryan brought home from preschool for me. 
He presented me with this purse:

And inside my purse was all the other goodies, like this magnet with a drawing of the two of us:

And this magnet:

And this certificate to the World's Greatest Mom:

And this wonderful card:

 Last but not least, what he called his 3-D art:

Alex brought home this card for me. He calls it "tear art." Carl calls it "Ms. Stading didn't want the kids to have scissors art." (that's a flower by the way, not a windmill)

Inside my card, he had glued a poem he wrote. I get to be the president of the mommys. I like it. :)

And then there were these stepping stones they made for my garden. I've got quite a nice collection out there now. According to Alex, his stone depicts Hogwarts. I think the green glass is supposed to represent the castle. 

But I could be wrong.

Finally, they both made this card for me. The left side of the heart was drawn by Alex, and the right side was done by Ryan.

The best part of all my Mommy's Day gifts? 

Not a single one says "To Dad" on it.

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