Friday, May 27, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

Still trying to catch up here!

Last Friday, I turned the dreaded 39. A decade ago, I was thrilled to leave my 20s behind and enter my 30s. This time around, not so much. Maybe it has something to do with my hairdresser telling me that highlighting really isn't an option anymore before me because I have too much gray. Maybe its Alex announcing to his class that we can't have any more children because "Mommy's too old to have babies now." Maybe its because I can feel the exhaustion of life more days than not. Who knows... let's just put it this way... I"m not looking forward to May 20, 2012. I just might be celebrating my second year of 39 on that day.

Still, I put on a happy game face and tried to have a good time. It helped that my mom, aunt, and grandmother came into town. And it helped that Carl picked a pretty incredible birthday cake out for me.

Alex's soccer team participated in another soccer tournament on Saturday, the 3x3 tournament. The games are shorter, so they played all four games in the morning. They came in third place, and were pretty excited about their victories!

The other fun event of the weekend was that Mom, Auntie Cheryl, BeBe and I all went to check out the Renegrade Crafts Fair. It was very cool - all the vendors definitely do their best to Keep Austin Weird. It might have been a bit TOO cool for BeBe, who didn't quite know what to think of all the tattooed individuals.

But we picked up some fun pieces of jewelry and other funky items, and I couldn't help but do a little jig every time I would spot the hottest item at the Fair...


They were everywhere!

The legacy of the royal wedding lives on, even in the heart of South Austin.

And while the Renegade Fair may have been too much for BeBe, she couldn't help but laugh at this Leslie wannabe who biked in front of our car at a red light.

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