Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Georgetown Market Days

This past Saturday, we blissfully found ourselves without a single thing scheduled to do. Since I think this is the only Saturday where this will be the case until possibly Labor Day (thank you swim team), we spent a relaxing time having F.U.N. (I know, I do this to myself with swim team, and I swore we wouldn't do it a second year, but I still can't believe how much they both grew as swimmers last summer. It was incredible to watch Ryan, who couldn't even make it the length of the pool last May, swimming a regulated backstroke and breast stroke by July. It *so* worth the crazy practice schedule and early Saturday swim meets. And Alex's butterfly rocks!)

We drove up north a bit, to Georgetown, and hit their Market Days.

I shopped the jewelry vendors and helped Carl and the boys buy me a few early birthday presents.

The kids had their faces painted, jumped on the moowalk, ate kettle corn, and rode the trackless train around the square.

Next, we spent some time at the San Gabriel Park, which is a beautiful, quiet place, and perfect for fishing.

Its also home to one of the best playgrounds we've ever been to, definitely the best one in the greater Austin area. And as Elephant would say to Piggie in Ryan's favorite Mo Willems book, "We Know Playgrounds."

Arguably our favorite part of this playground was the fact that inside the playscape, in some lovely shaded sections, are lots of great sitting for the adults. So you can sit with a book and read while they run all around you, playing.

We rounded out our Saturday with a trip to the movies to see "Rio." It was cute, and the boys especially loved it, since they are extremely familiar with the Angry Birds Rio game on our phones.

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  1. Looks like fun and an awesome playground! Wish I'd known about it sooner!



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