Friday, September 10, 2010

Share and Tell

Every Friday at Ryan's pre-school, he has Show and Tell. Its the highlight of his week. He often calls it "Share and Tell," because, as Ryan puts it, you have to share whatever toy you bring in with your friends.

This week, we had homework attached to Share and Tell. We had to make a Ryan Bag, and then fill it with 3-5 items that are of special value to Ryan.

Some of the photos he selected, and I couldn't talk him out of putting them on the bag. Like the ones of him opening Christmas presents two years ago. Once he found them in the picture box, there was no persuading him that those pictures weren't really representative of "Ryan."

The front of the bag. Ryan at age 1, and at 4, holding Mimi.

The back of the bag: the family page. With a Christmas photo.

Ryan's activity side: soccer and cooking. I didn't have a swimming picture printed, and he moved the TaeKwonDo picture with another Christmas one, so its not exactly the activity side as listed in the assignment, but, well...

The pets side. We only have Romeo, so he thought it was appropriate to also use a big mouse picture, too. ;)

And the contents of the bag: R2-D2; Green Lantern; Iron Man; a Time Improvement "America" ribbon from swim team; the medal he received from playing soccer with the Roly-Polys last spring; and a Lego "ship" he designed and built, and stuck a Clone Trooper Lego on (we have so many of these around the house, its crazy).

It was a bit of a battle as to what went inside the bag. Ryan just wanted to put in some superhero toys, since that is what he wanted to play with today. I explained over and over what the meaning of the contents were, but he just wasn't processing that fact. Sigh.

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