Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Opening Weekend of Fall Soccer

The Fall Soccer Season started with a bang this weekend. Both boys had a game each on Saturday AND on Sunday.

Ryan is playing on Chelsea, and Alex is on Arsenal. I'm getting such a kick out of the fact that they are on opposing London football teams, even if few people over here in the States can truly appreciate the delicious irony of the above picture.

 Both boys' teams are outstanding this year. Ryan's team is so good that we're considering having all the boys play up a league in the spring, so that they would be playing against the six year olds. We might just have to re-consider the select soccer idea after all if he keeps this up.

Not everyone had their uniforms yet... but here is a team photo of Arsenal on Saturday (complete with Coach Ethan, Coach Carl, and of course, Ryan, who can't quite grasp he isn't on his brother's team).

Alex's team -  in the U7 league - moved up this year. We now have eight players, instead of six, and they play 4 against 4. Even more of a change, they are on HUGE fields, and they even have an official ref for the game. Its a big change, and with the ref involved, they are a lot more strict with the rules. the boys adjusted well, and won their first game and tied the second. And they are now keeping score. In the past, there were no scores... everyone was a winner. But Carl was thrilled when he was presented with a score card to sign at the end of the first game.

Ryan and his new friend, Drew. Drew is on Chelsea with Ryan, and Drew's older brother, Brian, is on Arsenal with Alex. So they can hang out together during the games. They played soccer for about half the game on an empty field behind us, but it was hot Sunday afternoon. So they crashed on the bench after half-time and just talked and talked. It was pretty cute, hearing a new friendship begin.

We had two games Saturday morning, and then two on Sunday afternoon. When Alex's was over, we were beyond hot, so we let them celebrate the end of the weekend with snow cones.

Here's to a great season!

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