Thursday, September 16, 2010

Popcorn Selling Time

We received our popcorn sales materials yesterday for Cub Scouts. I've been in love with their Butter Light  microwave popcorn for a few years. They have lots of other decadent sounding treats, including Caramel popcorn, Cheese popcorn, chocolate popcorn, and even a Caramel Light popcorn I might have to try.

Now we get to start going door to door to our neighbors.

Alex was thrilled to see that if he sells enough popcorn, he receives special rewards. On the list of potential rewards were none other than Star Wars LEGOs, and the one thing that actually exceeds Star Wars LEGOs in Alex's mind: the much desired DS.

Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black

I'm still in shock over how many of his friends already have a DS. We've resisted, and I know there is going to be a bit of disappointment tomorrow when he opens his birthday presents and there is no DS among them. But I just don't feel he is ready for one yet. We have a hard enough time pulling him away from the PS3, the computer, or even just our iPhones. So we're at least holding out until Christmas. We found out last weekend that our other fellow holdouts, Ethan and Jennifer, are getting one for Will for his December birthday. Once Alex finds this out, its all over for us.

But we did tell him that if he can find a way to sell two billion dollars worth of popcorn, the DS is all his.

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