Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've spent way too much time worrying about invitations for Alex's birthday party. I decided to send out evites this year. I don't think Alex has received a non-evite invitation in well over a year. Since starting kindergarten, certainly. Its how most people send things out. Even Ryan seems to get most of his invites via evite, even when the parents don't even have our email addresses. They find us, somehow.

Sooo... I caved, and evite actually has one that is *somewhat* superhero-ish, the theme for his party this year

It looks like this:

So I'm sending this out to his friends, rather than snail mailing or hand delivering his invites.

But as much as I love the ease of evites, and the fact that is more environmentally friendly, as well as mommy time friendly and bank account friendly, I finally decided I couldn't live without a hard copy to put in his scrapbook.

So I made these up at Shutterfly:

And I love them so much more than my evite. Much, much more. 

I really wish evite had a way to allow you to upload your own design. You can upload one main image, but its not the same thing, in my expert party planning opinion. And I know, probably no one obsesses the way I do about these things, but still... its just so much nicer having a lovely actually paper invitation.

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