Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wild, Wild West Cub Scout Camp

Before Art Camp, our first week of the summer was spent at Cub Scout Camp, where the theme this year was the Wild, Wild, West.

We have a LOT more photos of Ryan at Cub Scout camp than Alexander, thanks to the wonderful den leaders we had for Ryan who took pictures of practically every activity they did and even started our own private blog with real-time updates.

Whereas Alexander's den leader for the week sent us all of about two wrap-up emails, that were mostly like, "Don't forget water bottles" and "pick up is at 4:30 sharp."

I did get a few of Alexander on the last day of camp.

He made this lamp all by himself, and gave it to Carl for a Fathers Day present.

Alexander was, how do you say it, lukewarm on Scout camp this year. He still really loves scouts, and he loved what they did, but our den got shafted when it came to placing the kids. The four boys who went were divided up into two dens, and he really only had one friend with him, and its certainly not one of his best friends by any stretch. So. Crappy den leader who gave us no details, no photos, and a not so happy Alex.

Otherwise... welcome to the Ryan Show.

Ryan was with his whole den.

Plus some of his best friends.

And he had two den leaders, including his good friend's mom.

His other den leader started a blog for us, so we were given real-time updates throughout the day of everything they were doing.


I have so many photos, I don't know what to do with them.

The best part? Lana and Ann-Marie are planning to do it again, next year, for our kids. Finding the all-week den leader volunteers is hard, and we scored big time with them.

Both boys were kept very busy during their week - here is just one day's schedule!

And check out the bling they came home with. Ryan loves his patches.

Still - I'm going to think twice before automatically signing Alex up for Scout camp in the future.

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