Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My beloved San Antonio Spurs are in the NBA Playoffs this year. Some may call it luck. Some call it the determination of Tim Duncan and Greg Popovitch to go out with a bang (I suspect retirement is not far off for either). But I'm going to call it as the BeBe effect. BeBe was a big Spurs fan, and I used to love watching games together when I was growing up. In recent years, I'd call her up during some of the games so we could cheer (and hiss) together.  Now that she is up in heaven, the Spurs are getting just a little bit of extra assistance, from one of their biggest fans.

It's worked before, after all. In the summer of 2003, Beau and I had just lost Dad, and we were going thorough our first Spurs season without Dad. We knew it was Dad's help that gave them that NBA title. I was pregnant with Alex at the time, and still highly emotional, so every game I was crying and cheering and crying some more, often all at the same time. Two summers later, I was again pregnant, this time with Ryan, and I knew that the Spurs big win that year was also Dad's way of letting me know things were okay.

Now BeBe is sending us the same message. So, while Sunday night's game was hard to watch, I have every bit of confidence that BeBe and Dad (and the Spurs) won't let us down.

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